When functionality meets style

For us design is an ergonomic combination of functionality and beauty, not just aesthetics. That’s why we have put together a team of international designers, from different cultures and backgrounds, united by the pursuit of innovative and practical concepts for our high quality sanitary ware collections.

Atelier Oï

Architect and design studio

Atelier oï was founded in 1991 in La Neuveville, Switzerland, by Aurel AebiArmand Louis and Patrick Reymond. The founders’ deep involvement with architecture, design and naval construction, have shaped atelier oï ’s philosophy, that strives to go beyond the confines of a single discipline. atelier oï’s creations, always elegant and coherently conceived, express the desire for a harmonic and natural unity. They epitomize a “ po-ethic ” vision of creativity, to bring the individual closer to the elements, to nature, to the material and to emotions.

Totem collection

The Totem Collection is a sanitary collection born from a collaboration between White Ville and Atelier oï. The soft shape of the basin recalls a stone shaped by the passage of water. The foot of the basin is based on a system of stacking ceramic parts. The stacked elements are connected by linen vholders (metal rings) or solid oak trays, on which the user can arrange his belongings. By harmonizing with any interior, the construction system of the “Totem” collection meets all expectations. The combination of dierent textures and materials combines modernity and know-how in a clever balance.

David E. Michaud


Driven by a fervent dedication to progress and growth, a penchant for unconventional thinking, an unwavering passion for style, and commitment to quality and precision, David E. Michaud thrives on challenges, whether they involve technical equipment, e-bikes, yachts, timepieces, luxury items, performance eyewear, bike helmets or consumer goods. These diverse realms are encompassed by his consulting firm, where he orchestrates innovative solutions.

Michaud boasts an extensive portfolio of product patents and has garnered widespread acclaim, earning recognition from press outlets and accolades worldwide. His designs have been honored with prestigious awards, including selections by the Red Dot Design Award and Compasso d’Oro ADI.


Smooth Round Edgy

Nilo Gioacchini


All his work is characterized by a concrete, pragmatic attitude to projects, free from any conventionalism in terms of specialization or trends. His studio operates in a variety of sectors from aeronautical interiors to domestic environments with particular skills in sanitary ware design. Over 35 years of professional activity he has worked with the most important international companies and has received recognition including the “National Mobile Fiera Competition” in Trieste, the Bayer Italia Special Award and the Abet Print Award and many mentions at the ADI Compasso d’Oro award. His “Mobile totale” is part of the permanent exhibition of the MOMA Museum of Modern Arts in New York.


Continental Smart

Luca Cimarra


His approach to design derives from an architectural background that focuses on research for the best solutions in terms of functionality and style, never giving up innovation. His skills, confirmed by many projects realized for international brands, are an assurance of quality and style. After the degree in architecture and a long partnership with Italian Paolo Portoghesi, in 2005 he opened his Studio AreA+3 where he took care of many projects of architectural and industrial design for many international brands. He won the Design PLUS 2007 at ISH Frankfurt Messe, selection for the Pulchra competition among the 100 most beautiful objects in the world 2007/08. In 2008 he was nominated for the ADI XXI Compasso D’Oro. In 2009 he won the Dino Gavina Award.