The personality and sharp lines are the foundation for the aggressive look of the Edgy collection. Perfect surfaces, squared angles, clean borders and optimized details for an international style.

David E. Michaud


Born in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) on August 18th, 1970 David has a long experience in product design. He is Head of Design and Creative Director at Rudy Project, one of the market leaders in technical eyewear, helmets and sport gear, Michaud holds extensive patents and recognitions worldwide for his designs while achieving company’s high performance objectives. The love for progress, out-of-the-box thinking ability, passion for style and attention to quality and details constantly inspire the creative brain behind innovative developments for leading companies. The Swiss-French-born, US-raised and Italy-established David Michaud loves a challenge: from e-bike, luxury yachts, watches and various consumer goods developments, he always looks for excellence and style


The David E. Michaud collection has an absolute and particular innovation: the wing option. The wing doesn’t only hold an aesthetic role, but also a functional one. With its beauty and minimal elegance, it can be used as a support for everyday use objects. All items of this collection are available with or without the wing option.


Thanks to our extensive experience with ceramics and the research of the best clays, kaolin and glazes, White Ville can produce extra-slim edge washbasins. Rims thickness can be reduced to only 5 mm, thus enhancing elegance and style, but maintaining solidity and strength. A slim edge is perfect in over counters for an exclusive look in design and deluxe bathrooms.

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