“We started the company with innovative energy and an eye for sustainable design combined with a passion for bathroom aesthetic elements.

Innovative design is the main driver of our company’s organization, what White Ville really stands for. That’s why we started a long term partnership with high-profile international designers and with the support of trusted suppliers from across the European continent, we develop sanitary ware collections that focus on enhancing the quality of life of global customers while bearing a strong sense to aesthetics. White Ville vision aims to create sanitary pieces that are also functional pieces of art. Even if our factories are equipped with high-tech automation systems, we still believe that final quality is dependent on craftsmanship and human skills. Our long experience in ceramics empower us with a care of details that makes the difference.”

Mr. Tarek Abou El Enein
White Ville President and CEO


White Ville is a brand of CLEOPATRA GROUP, one of world’s leading players in ceramic tiles and sanitary ware production, founded in 1982 and renowned worldwide for the excellence of its product.

We have experience in exporting in more than 100 countries over 5 continents with a solid sales network all over the world.

WE Pursue quality

Latest high pressure casting technology
150.000 sq.m Productive
2.2 million pcs/year

We support

INTERNATIONAL CULTURE White Ville responds to international style needs with collections that fit perfectly in public sectors, private sectors, commercial sectors, hospitality and restaurants.

DESIGN APPROACH We focus on innovative design. Our international designers create unique collections for functionality and style.

ECLECTIC INSPIRATION From minimalism to luxury, from classical to contemporary, from smart to trendy: all living styles are represented.


For us design is an ergonomic combination of functionality and beauty, not just aesthetics. That’s why we have put together a team of international designers, from different cultures and backgrounds, united by the pursuit of innovative and practical concepts for our high quality sanitary ware collections.